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Joe Pulido

Developed apps while attending TAMIU. The first app I created was BMI Scale which has 5,000 downloads to date. Followed by Batman Calculator at 4,000 downloads. Created a scheduling program for TAMIU as part of a group Project. My passion for programming grew and decided to learn web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. After successfully graduating TAMIU with a Bachelors in MIS decided to go freelance and now started JP Software. My mission is to modernize local business by taking their business digital with a website or app.

BMI Scale Windows Phone 8.1

BMI Scale Windows Phone 8.1 ScreenshotBMI Scale has reached over 5,000 downloads to date. The app was created to help individuals reach their fitness goals.The platform of choice was Windows Phone 8.1.BMI Scale was created using xmal, and Visual Basic. BMI Scale lets users calculate their body fat, how many calories, micronutrients they consumed, and basal metabolic rate. BMI Scale is in English but also supported multiple languages depending on region. Windows Phone fanatics and emerging market users enjoyed using BMI Scale. BMI Scale recieved great ratings.
Download BMI Scale Today.

Batman Calculator Windows 10

Batman Calculator Windows 10 Batman Calculator was originally released for Windows 8.1 but has now been ported to Windows 10. It's a Universal Windows Platform App which means it runs on any Windows 10 device. Inlcuded but not limited to Windows 10 PC, Tablet, SmartPhone, and HoloLens. Batman Calculator is a themed calculator featuring characters from the Batman Movies. The app supports PI and Radius solving buttons. As well as simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. If you looking for a cool calculator for your pc download
Batman Calculator today.

TAMIU Project

Tamiu ProjectThis was a project that was created for Tamiu Learning Center. It was a self scheduling program to help Learning Center keep scheduling of students with a database. The program had salt hash algorithim to lock the program when not in use. Only authorized personnel could use program. It was created in a group with other students. This program gave us an A in the class.

More Software Coming Soon.