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JP Software: Laredo,Texas Website and App Developer.


What can I do for your business?

  1. Custom website includes

  2. Features for every web browser such as Icon for website.

  3. Search Engine Optimization for higher Search Engine rankings

  4. Inbound and Outbound SEO

  5. Social Media Integration

  6. Plug in's for chat on website

  7. Custom app for your business

  8. Twenty Four hr customer support

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Website and Social Media Services

Website and Social Media. Monitor, Tablet, and Smartphone Image.


Tamiu Project Picture

Developed apps while attending TAMIU. My passion for programming grew and decided to learn web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. After successfully graduating TAMIU with a Bachelors in MIS decided to go freelance and now started JP Software.

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Responsive Layout:

responsive design image

Simply put today's web traffic is being lead by mobile devices such as smartphones.
Android is at 2 billion users and smartphones are the first device people have powered on. Therefore it's more probable that you have a bigger audience on the smartphone.

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Optimize Website for every web browser

Optimize for all legacy and modern web browsers.
Such as Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Fire Fox, Safari, Google Chrome, and the new Vivendi Browser.

Custom Website Icons Smartphones and PC.

website icon for smartphone and pc

Website icons lets users revisit your website directly from the created shortcut icon. Plus the shortcut website icons makes your website look unique and professional.

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